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Astrology is not a magic or business of predicting once future; this is also a science like physics or chemistry, it is a science which is evolved by our ancient sages. Astrology can be defined as a study of the positions of celestial bodies in the belief that their movements either directly or indirect Influence life of earth.

Astrology helps to look into past, present and future of any human being.

With the help of this science one can look into his day to day incidents and can have remedies for it.

The Astrology of India is known for the quantity and quality of its analytical and forecasting tools.

Most beginners are amazed to find not only the basic natal chart called the "rasi",

but also a chart system employing 27 signs of the Moon, called the "nakshatras".

There is an additional set of birth charts called the "shodasavargas" which give the practitioner of Vedic Astrology 15 extra charts to examine.

The most famous of these is the "Navamsa", which is analyzed carefully for marriage matching and to uncover more subtle aspects of a person's nature.

— Ashwani Kant

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